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Essentially a pen display tablet, like a classic graphics tablet, is a computer input device used in conjunction with software for painting, drawing, photo editing, etc. However, there is a distinct difference because the surface of a pen display tablet that you draw on with a stylus (pen) is actually a computer monitor.

Using a classic graphics tablet is similar to using a mouse because your eye is on the monitor while your hand is working somewhere else. You will appreciate the difficulty here if you have ever tried drawing your signature with a mouse, whereas, the pen display tablet allows you to draw instinctively with natural eye-hand coordination. For this reason the pen display tablet is now essential for creative work in almost any field.

Typically a pen display tablet is a peripheral device connected to a separate computer, however, pen display tablets are now often integrated with a computer. And pen input is now frequently augmented by touch features in many models.

We will refer to four broad types of pen display tablets:

  • Pen Displays
  • Pen & Touch Displays
  • Pen Computers
  • Pen & Touch Computers

Although regular tablets and tablet computers can be used for drawing with various types of styluses, we will not consider these devices as pen display tablets as they are not specifically designed or optimized for drawing with a pen. However, we will include certain tablets and tablet computers designed to work with dedicated graphics pens.

The pen display tablet is now an essential element in the digital workflow of creatives, such as content developers, designers and artists, expanding their creative productivity in applications from movie production, industrial design, fine art, architecture, graphic design, illustration, 3D design and modelling, photography, animation, and games production to any creative hobby or interest.

Pen display tablets may be called by many different names, including pen monitors, pen displays, interactive pen displays, creative pen displays, pen tablet monitors, LCD pen displays, LCD graphics tablets, tablet monitors, graphic monitors, pen digitizer tablet monitors, tablet displays, and graphics tablet monitors.

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